A Guide To Circuit Breakers And When To Replace Them

Repairing the Circuit Breaker

What is a circuit breaker and what are they used for?

A circuit breaker is an electronic device that interrupts the circuit and stops the current flow when it detects a certain level of voltage.

Circuit breakers are used to protect electrical circuits from damage due to excess current flow. This is achieved by interrupting power to the circuit when a predetermined threshold is exceeded, thereby preventing the overloading of the system.

Each and every home needs circuit breakers. This device protects households from unintentional electrical accidents. Circuit breakers do, however, experience wear and tear like any other equipment.

How Often Should You Really Be Replacing Your Circuit Breaker?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a circuit breaker typically lasts between 30 and 40 years. However, some experts believe that the average lifespan of circuit breakers is closer to 15 to 20 years. The pronounced variations in estimates of the typical lifespan are mostly due to the various storage environments as well as type of circuit breaker. If you circuit breaker is within this timeframe or you notice something, it is recommended to call an expert to come out and do an Home Safety Inspection.

Why You Should Have A Home Safety Inspection Soon

A home safety inspection is a process that helps to identify the safety risks for a house. It can be done by an inspector, or by the owner themselves.

The following are reasons why you should have a home safety inspection soon:

1) A home safety inspection will help to identify potential hazards in your house.

2) It will help you to plan for any necessary repairs or maintenance required in your home.

3) A home safety inspection can provide information on how well your electrical system is functioning and whether it needs upgrading or repairing

4) It will also help to identify any potential problems with the building’s structure before they become serious issues.

Conclusion: Why it’s Important to Replace Your Circuit Breaker at the Right Time

Circuit breakers are an important part of a home’s electrical system. They are designed to stop the flow of power to a circuit when there is a dangerous or overloaded condition. They are an integral part of your homes electrical system and something that should be well maintained to avoid any accidents.

With the right knowledge these circuit breakers can be replaced by yourself or you can avoid the hassle and stress and call on our team of expert professionals at Kowall Electric. Our team will inspect your current system and recommend maintenance, repair, or upgrades to your device. We provide Residential Electrical Services to DELCO and surrounding areas.

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